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Moonrise Portal

Inspired by Victor Papanek and James Hennessey’s 1973 book Nomadic Furniture, the Moonrise Portal is a 5.5’ x 7’ x 7’ wooden frame structure that serves as an access point to the imagined worlds of the Moonrise Project. Originally constructed at the VSW Project Space, this work will be shown at Oben Space, opening January 24th, 2020.


A joint show with Kes Efstathiou, Scouting showcased new and older works that blend technical drafting with intuitive subject matter, alongside Efstathiou’s Wear Like Iron body of work.

Gallery Q, September 2019


A project that explores mapping through experience by documenting a site without measuring tools, existing maps, or aerial photography.  Originally done at Residency 108 in the Hudson Valley, these works all refer to a grid made in the landscape, 100 paces long and 30 paces wide.

Colleen Buzzard Studio, June-August 2019

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evan bobrow, 2020