Eleven Circles

Now Available for Preorder

Eleven Circles is a risograph book by Evan Bobrow and Brian Boice, exploring Boice’s ideas of the multiverse and religion. The book is designed by Evan, includes drawings by both contributors, and text by Brian.

Aiming for print in March-April at Flower City Arts Center on our in house Risograph SF9450. Colors include Red, Blue, Yellow, Kelly Green, Violet, and Black. 48 Pages. Edition of 50, Perfect Bound.

(Preliminary Spreads)

Preorders recieve a poster pack that includes 3 riso prints: 

(Rose of Life, designed by Evan Bobrow and Brian Boice, 9”x11”, Red/Blue/Yellow)

(Promo Poster, Designed by Evan Bobrow, 8.5”x11”, Red/Blue)

(Isaias, Reproduced from New Catholic Picture Bible, 8.5”x3.5”, Red/Blue/Yellow)

Posters can be purchased seperately in a 20 dollar pack, or for 10 dollars each. All preorders are guaranteed to recieve a book. Updates on production are being posted on instagram at @ewb.studio. We’re very excited about this book, and hope you are too! By doing a round of preorders, it will relieve some stress around cost of production, and improve the final product. Please reach out on instagram or via email with questions!

evan bobrow, 2020