The Moonrise project is an ongoing exploration of intuitive world building. When we were children there was a certain ease and effortlessness to imaginative play, we were able to make truly intuitive choices. Moonrise attempts to harness that creative energy, and ask what you will imagine if you only follow these instincts. Each person has a repository of places, people, and things, that when prompted can be brought together to build out their own universe. By using technical methods of representation, the artist attempts to legitimize these imagined worlds as if they were real, scientific discoveries.

Moonrise Portal

Inspired by Victor Papanek and James Hennessey’s 1973 book Nomadic Furniture, the Moonrise Portal is a 5.5’ x 7’ x 7’ wooden frame stucture that serves as an access point to the imagined worlds of the Moonrise Project. Originally constructed at the VSW Project Space, this work will be shown at Oben Space, opening November 29th.
evan bobrow, 2020